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10 Low-cost ways to get out of the house this Spring!

By: Highlands Residential Mortgage

If you’re the outdoorsy type, we have 10 low-cost options to get you out of the house this Spring!

  1. Farmers’ Markets: Getting out of the house to support small, family-owned businesses? Yes, please! Visiting local Farmers’ Markets is not only a great way to buy fresh, locally sourced produce for your family, it’s also an opportunity to stretch your legs and find some hidden gems in your community!
  2. Outdoor Art Exhibits and Craft Fairs: Similar to farmers’ markets, craft fairs allow you and your family to view and buy handmade art and other products that help support small businesses. From candles and cutting boards to wall art and leather goods, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the artists and even commission custom pieces to be delivered to your home.
  3. Run (or Walk) a Race: Races are back! Whether you’re walking a mile or racing against the clock to qualify for Boston, race days are always fun events! Challenge yourself, or your friends, and get out there!
  4. Local Hiking Trails: Spring is the perfect time to visit your local hiking trails! The weather is turning warmer, and the trees and flowers are starting to bloom. You’ll be surprised at the range of options available, even in big cities! Always check maps, dress and prepare accordingly, and let a friend know where you’re going (or take them along).
  5. Picnics or Potlucks at the Park: Many people don’t realize their city has an array of parks and picnic venues that can be a beautiful setting for a meal. Gather your friends and family for a fun cookout or grilling contest at one of your local parks! Be sure to check your city’s park rules on their website to confirm if you need a permit or reservation.
  6. Bike Riding or Skating: When was the last time you were on two wheels? Or eight? Dusting off the bike or inline skates when the weather is more amenable is another great way to help get you and the family outside, have fun, and be active without feeling like you’re “working out”. Get out and play!
  7. Visit Local Gardens or Arboretums: A quieter option, if it’s more your speed, is to locate and visit one of your local flower gardens or arboretums! Enjoy some fresh air, beautifully landscaped gardens, and get inspiration for your own home! Be sure to check out their websites beforehand, as many of these locations also host seasonal events like themed tea ceremonies, DIY terrariums, and guest speakers.
  8. Local Sports: While this can mean going to watch your local team, you might also consider joining a local recreational team! Engage in some good healthy competition by playing in local softball, pickleball, or other league sports.  Or, grab a friend and cheer on you your favorite Major League Baseball team (tentative start date expected to be April 7th)! It IS the great American pastime, after all!
  9. Family Crafts: If you feel like you’ve done everything, but you still want to do something fun with your kids, why not try some silly crafts?! Make tie-dye t-shirts, build wind chimes, or create an outdoor movie theater to enjoy later with their friends!
  10. Snap Some Family Photos: While you’re trying all the fun activities we’ve mentioned above, don’t forget to document it! This Spring can be filled with memories you never want to forget, and photos you can share or frame to look back on are a great way to keep you smiling even years later. This is also a great time to get a great family pic for your holiday cards!