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Cash-Out Refinance for Home Repairs

By: Highlands Residential Mortgage

With interest rates still sitting on the low end of the spectrum, we would like to continue discussing the topic of using your home’s equity to make repairs and improvements that often get overlooked via a cashout refinance. We’ve gathered a few updates and improvements that, if done early, can prevent costly repairs down the line.

Irrigation Systems

Gone are the days of messing with timers and the trial and error of overwatering, underwatering, and hoping everything works while you’re on vacation. Technology has embraced the green-thumb lifestyle and has created a Smart irrigation system that takes the guessing and planning out of maintaining your beautiful yard. These systems can be added in place of a timer to new or existing sprinkler systems, connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and can be controlled via an app on your phone. With the Wi-Fi connection, these systems can also receive real-time weather updates to determine the appropriate time to water your lawn based on your set watering schedule, grass type, and rain forecast. These systems help prevent overwatering of your grass and soil or the lovely surprise of returning home from a vacation to a browning, dehydrated front lawn.

Drainage systems

To piggyback off the previous point, another commonly overlooked upgrade that adds value and improves your home is the addition of a drainage system. Determining your home’s needs will help you decide which drainage system is best for you. If the soil around and under your home tends to store water, French drains are a great option as they help redirect water under the soil’s surface away from your yard and foundation. If you have a problem with puddles and standing water after a rain shower, a trench drain is the best option as it pulls that water away and prevents pests like mosquitoes from making a home in your yard.


Often a part of your home that homeowners don’t think about until it’s too late and the repair bills are through the roof, your home’s foundation sits on soil that can begin to shift over time, allowing water to seep in and erode weak spots, and make minor cracks much worse. Having a simple inspection and choosing to reinforce your foundation or repair minor issues beforehand can prevent costly problems down the road.

Windows and Doors

In these summer months, regardless of where you live, any option that’s guaranteed to cut down your A/C bill is sure to be a crowd favorite. A simple way to do this is by replacing the windows and doors that lead outside. Whether your home is less than a year old or it holds decades of memories within its walls, chances are you could benefit from replacing your windows and doors with energy-efficient options. The design of energy-efficient windows and doors prevents cool air from escaping in the summer and keeps warm air in the home during winter through increased insulation and multi-paned coated glass. As an added incentive, the IRS also offers monetary credits to homeowners who choose to install energy-efficient products on their property. ( 

As you can see, a cash-out refinance can be a powerful resource for homeowners to use to fund improvement projects around the house and make easy, preventative repairs. If you’re a homeowner with substantial equity built up, this could be an affordable way for you to make upgrades around your home. However, contact me today to discuss all your available options to ensure that a cash-out refinance is the best choice to fit your financial needs.


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