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Highlands Residential Mortgage CIO Joins SMU Advisory Board

By: Highlands Residential Mortgage

PictureHighlands Residential Mortgage Senior VP — Chief Information Officer Josh Hebert has been invited to join SMU Cyber Security Advisory Board. Membership on the Board is by invitation only and based on the individual’s personal and professional accomplishments. The Board contains a diverse group of innovative, well-connected, and first-rate executives.

Board members have the following responsibilities to the Cyber Security Certificate Program:

1: Preserve and enhance the reputation and quality of the school.

2: Share their experience with faculty and students through classroom visits, forums, and conference participation.

3: Promote the School’s goal to link industry with academia.

The Cyber Security Certificate Program at SMU provides students with the latest digital strategies, tools, knowledge, and skills. It’ll prepare them for handling the growing number of internal and external threats can put a company’s data at risk. These threats could potentially interfere with a company’s ability to compete in the digital economy.

In this hands-on, four-day program, students will learn how to create effective risk management strategies to protect the organization’s most second valuable asset after its employees: data. Students will solve real-world challenges based on current best practices and advice from subject matter experts and instructors.

Josh has more than 17 years of financial services experience and valuable servant leadership skills. He has participated in the American Management Association’s Developing Executive Leadership training program. He’s also the recipient of the CIO 100 award from

His joining the SMU Advisory Board is not the first time he has worked with a prestigious university. He has worked with the Kelley School of Business Capstone Team at Indiana University on a mortgage industry study.

Highlands Residential Mortgage not only has experienced and effective leaders, but also encourages them to continuously develop their leadership skills and share their knowledge with future leaders. Our Highlands team is proud of Josh’s accomplishments.

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