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Highlands Residential Mortgage Resources

If I work with Highlands Residential Mortgage, what can I expect?

By: Highlands Residential Mortgage

As you begin your journey to homeownership, you will want to work with a reliable mortgage lender. Highlands Residential Mortgage has been providing lending services to borrowers for more than 13 years!  We believe when you are buying your home, you should be able to count on a highly professional and stress-free experience that leads to an on-time closing.

It all starts with our award-winning loan originators:

  • Highlands loan originators are true local lending experts—familiar with your market and how to navigate it with ease.
  • We have a wide variety of loan programs and will help you find options that best fit your goals.
  • Our loan originators are highly responsive and are focused on making your mortgage experience smooth!

What to Expect:  Less Surprises, More Confidence!

Whether you are new to mortgage transactions or have been down this road several times—we work WITH you to find the best fit for your home purchase. We provide high quality, timely updates, and clear communication through the entire loan experience to eliminate any guessing games!

We’re happy to help find the right balance for you, and we always try to meet you where you are—a mix of technology and in-person experience simplifies the process. You can handle 97% of the loan process right in the palm of your hand with our amazing mobile app!  We’re happy to help find the right balance for you.

Closing on Time MATTERS

  • Most big-box lenders struggle to close within 45 days—we typically close in less than 30!
  • When purchasing a home, knowing you will make your closing date is critical.
  • Our referral partners and past clients affirm with their reviews that when you work with Highlands, your closing is a priority!

In short – Be sure to work with a lender who will explain things, answer questions and has a demonstrated track record of exceptional service!  We’ve got amazing loan originators ready to help.  When you’re ready, check out our handy resources below: